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Heroes Growler Fill Policy

Our company policy regarding growler fills:

We are delightfully happy to inform the public that our brewery is ready and willing to fill growlers for those loyal customers that would like to take brewery fresh beer home.   Because the California Department of Alcohol and Beverage Control has made some changes to the existing laws, we believe it is in our best interest to establish a fill policy for the brewpub.

Growlers we will fill:

  1. We will fill only our “Hereos Restaurant and Brewery” growlers.
  2. We will fill only growlers that have been properly cleaned and sanitized by the consumer. It is the consumer’s responsibility to come prepared.

Growlers we will not fill:

  1. We will not fill other branded growlers
  2. We will not fill any growlers that have the branding scratched off; have the branding covered with tape, paper, or any other creative method you crazy, sneaky, skate through life kind of people out there, will try to get away with. We welcome the effort, so our wonderful staff can do their job and reject it.
  3. We will not fill growlers that have not been cleaned and sanitized and ready for our brewery fresh beer.

Although these rules may seem a little harsh and limiting, we believe it is necessary to keep us protected and ensure you are enjoying the best quality of our brewery fresh beer.   We welcome any constructive comments on our end, by you, the consumer, about our policy in an effort to continuously build a great relationship with the public.


Consumer Awareness

  1. Growlers should be consumed within 24-72 hours after filling and within hours after opening. Degradation of the product starts quickly.
  2. Keep your growler out of heat and light. If your growler generates a lot of heat, your growler can burst, and excessive light will cause your beer to generate off flavors.
  3. After cleaning, your growler should be stored unsealed.