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Seasonal & Specialty Selections

High quality, hand-crafted beers produced right here at Heroes Restaurant & Brewery at various times during the year! Once they’re gone, they’re gone…until the season rolls around again! These are our Seasonal & Specialty selections…
Orange Blossom Ale

Light, clear ale perfumed with pounds of hand-picked local orange blossoms. [ABV 5.1% IBUs 20] Release Date: Spring Seasonal March

orange blossom

Katelest Robust Porter
As the name indicates, this is as robust as it can be.   The beer pours and sits in the glass with a dark tan head.  Malts were chosen to provide character reminiscent of coffee, chocolate and toffee notes.  Moderately bitter and finishes dry. [ABV 6.5%, IBU’s 40]   Release Date: June      
Spring Cleaning Maibock

A full bodied Maibock of quality German malts and good old Tradition hops sweep your taste buds and sweeten your senses with a Crystal clean finish.  Take time to spring clean your home and heart; then reward yourself with a fresh pint of our slow-lagered ‘Spring Cleaning’ “Tribute to your long day of hard work” [ABV 7.7% IBUs 20]  Release Date: April

Maibock Label

Sneak Preview Imperial Stout
This Imperial Stout is packed with 9 varietals of malts.  A massive dark roast character backed with coffee and chocolate explodes in your mouth.  This stout finishes with hints of dark fruits and finished with a pleasant bitterness. [ABV 10% IBUs 80] Release Date: November      

Can’t make it to Germany? We brought ‘Oktoberfest’ to you. This traditional German festbier is brewed to style using only German ingredients. Sweet honey nose, beautiful copper color, and rich Munich malts compose this authentic noble lager. “Prost” [ABV 5.5% IBUs 20] Release Date:  August

festbier label

Weizen Waltz Hefeweizen

A dominant wheat body and German-bred yeast strain give this Bavarian style hefeweizen its characteristic haze: a spin around the inside of the glass releases subtle esters to your nose of imported fruits and spices. A Weizen Waltz in a pint [ABV 4.5% IBU’s 15] Release Date: February


Aftermath Altbier

Our Dusselforf Style Alt was brewed with traditional practices that accentuate this slightly roasted ale.  This beer was fermented cooler which makes it clean and drinkable.  Just like the old ales in Germany, this one finishes dry and bitter. [ABV 4.7%, IBU’s 45]  Release Date:  November


Feats of Strength Holiday Ale

Our holiday ale is brewed with Cranberries and Juniper Berries.  The aroma of sweet candy accompanied with the perfume of cranberries and juniper berries brings this festive ale to life.  A slightly tart character is balanced with a hint of pine and compliments this very sweet Scotch Ale.[ABV 6.5%, IBU’s 15]  Release Date:  November

feats of strength label

Barrel Aged Sneak Preview Imperial Stout
Our rich indulgent Imperial Stout is bourbon barrel aged to perfection-with a thick mouthfeel of oaked vanilla, maple syrup, dark roasted coffee, and a lavish finish of exquisite cocoa. A sneak preview of more special releases to come. [ABV 11.5%, IBU’s 80]
Seeds and Spice Harvest Ale

Fresh roasted pumpkins and a generous heap of pumpkin seeds give this harvest ale it’s slightly sweet, nutty character; spice of whole nutmeg and cinnamon bark arouse your senses to ‘everything nice’ in Autumn. ‘Spice your face’ [ABV 5.3%, IBU’s 40]

seedsandspiceTS 400 x 545

Paranuts Nut Brown Ale

With a lightly roasted sweet nose, each sip smooths a clean, malty finish over your tongue. So get comfy, grab a Paranuts and watch your favorite players. Better yet, play with them! [ABV 5.3%, IBU’s 40]


Harvest Sun Saison

Laced with pink peppercorns, green peppercorns, lemongrass and a dose of Sarachi Ace hops, this Saison lends a unique flavor of spice and lemon with a mild tartness. Boire la Boisson  [ABV 7.5%, IBU’s 35]