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Year Round

High quality, hand-crafted beers produced right here at Heroes Restaurant & Brewery! These are our Year Round selections:

Red Tractor Ale

Our flagship ale is as authentic as the Farmall tractor on our label; a rich caramel malt build balances with a cherry bouquet and subtle hop finish…

Destined to be our signature classic.

[ABV 6.8% IBU’s 40]

Boxcar Blonde

Light, crisp & clean. This brilliant blonde is refreshing; with a slightly sweet malt character, and noble hop spiced notes…

An American hero palate pleaser!

[ABV 4.8% IBU’s 20]

Populous Pale Ale

Bold malt body balances with a citrus aroma and solid array of traditional American hops. Flavor and mouth-feel as comforting and reminiscent as Southern home-style biscuits…

A classic American Pale Ale.

[ABV 5.3% IBU’s 45]

Hopdrama IPA

A beautiful mélange of hops creates a fruity aroma evocative of wafts from an alluring fruit bowl. The ever-changing hop scene forges the freestyle of each unique batch…

This is our non-scripted play in the ‘Hop Drama’.

[ABV 6.5% IBU’s 80]

Hopulous Double IPA

A solid malt body muscled with the extravagant varietals of American hops creates the layered fragrance and flavor profile of this contemporary Double IPA…

Dank and Delicious.

[ABV 8.3% IBU’s 90]

Sidewinder Oatmeal Stout

Rich and Robust. The depth in color and flavor complexities lavish your senses, expressing roasted barley, smooth chocolate, and a silky oat body…


[ABV 5.5% IBU’s 35]